The common calendar in the galaxy is the Rilan Prime Calendar (RPC). The RPC is used to maintain a consistent reference between colonies and systems. Each planet has its own calendar system based on its unique planetary conditions. The actual length of days and years will of course vary depending on planetary spin and rotation around their respective stars. The RPC is measured in cycles that are the equivalent of one year on the planet Rila. The RPC is broken down into the following components:

Cycle Each cycle has 10 months and 3 holiday periods equaling 325 days
Month Each month has 3 spans and 30 days
Holidays There are 2 holiday spans (Vernal and Autumnal) and one 5 day Festival week
Span Each span has 10 days
Day Each day has 30 hours
Hour, Minutes and Seconds

Dates and times are noted using the following method: RPC:YYYYY.MM.DD and when necessary .HH.MM.SS. Months are assigned a numeric value: 01 to 10, including the Vernal Holiday, Autumnal Holiday and the Rejuvenation Festival in months 04, 07 an 10 respectively.

On the planet Rila the months were named in an alphabetic sequence as follows:

1. Aldanus
2. Brulina
3. Celestin
4. Dunhori
VH. Vernal Holiday
5. Equino
6. Falintu
7. Grenwal
AH. Autumnal Holiday
8. Heilona
9. Iridian
10. Jovias
RF. Rejuvenation Festival


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