The timeline presented here is intended only as a brief outline of the galaxy and is presented primarily from the perspective of the Human colonists. The dating follows the Rilan Prime Calendar (RPC). Each species living in the galaxy, and really every individual planet, has its own sequence of events, the totality of which is well beyond the scope of this outline.

5000 to 0 – Pre-Human Era

The history of the galaxy in this time period is focused on the space faring species, who at various points in time developed space flight and subsequently the few that have developed faster than light travel. During this time the native species of the galaxy explore their space, some encounter each other and there are several small wars.

450 to 0 – Flight of the Colonists

In a solar system in a distant galaxy that is nearing its end massive fleets of colony ships are prepared and flee the galaxy with billions of the inhabitants. The fleets navigate towards distant galaxies. Some reach their goal, others disappear. Eight of these fleets arrived in the known galaxy beginning in RPC:0.

0 to 276 – Colonization Era

The Era Begins with the arrival of the first 3 fleets of colony ships. These were the largest of the fleets. The lead fleet landed in the Rilan Trio System and founded colonies on the planets they called Rila and Marina. Two additional fleets continued on to colonize planets in the Bartar and Miral systems. Five smaller fleets followed in the next several cycles. Two fleets settled in the Locus system, and a third fleet in the Lytal system. Contact was lost with the final two fleets.

The new colonies established independent governments but form a unified group referred to as the Colonial Alliance, or just the Alliance for short.

0 – Rila and Marina Colonized
1 – Bartar Colonized
1 – Miral Colonized
31 – Locus System Colonized
35 – Lytal Colonized
43 – Century Colonized
117 – Civil War on Mari
121 – Rill Belt Station established in Locus system
157 – Bimed Station founded
212 – Navron Colonized

277 to ? – Contact Era

The Contact Era begins with the first contact with other space faring life, the Medians. This initiates a major change in perception and a period of intense exploration ensues.

277 – Andorran-Median Conflict

An exploration whip encounters a new species, the Medians, only to find themselves in the middle of a war between the Medians and a third species, the Andorrans. The humans rally to help the Medians who become close allies of the Human colonists moving forward. The Medians also possess Psionic abilities, something humans had not encountered before, and it becomes clear some humans have the potential to use them as well.

413 – Norak Encountered

A mining ship encounters a 3rd species, the Norak. They are a large, but very peaceful species with a strange mix of technologies.

457 – Ximed Station founded
522 – Veron Colonized
573 – Celican Incursion

A new species, the Celicans, is encountered by the new colony on Veron. Hostilites ensue resulting in an invasion of the planet. The other colonies, with some help from the Medians, help and

574 – Dosians and Chrians Encountered

During the conflict with the Celicans two additional species are encountered. The Dosians are an intelligent space faring race. There are encountered observing the conflict and eventually help to a small degree. A different species, the Chirians are also discovered. They are slaves to the Celicans.

575 – Formation of the Colonial Federation

After the peace treaty with the Celicans the Colonial government becomes more centralized with power shifting away from the local systems. This is in response to political pressure citing the inability of individual colonies to respond to the Celcicans.


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