75 Points

The Dosians were first encountered by Humans during the Celican incursion. They were the 5th species enountered by the Human colonists. Many Humans helped their cause during the Dosian-Celican War remembering the not so distant Celican incursion into Human territory. The Dosian homeworld is in the Dosia System and is densely forested by extremely thick, tall trees. Very little light actually reaches the ground level. Dosians have colonies in a number of systems throughout their sector of space, but the primary populations are found in the Dosia and Etheral Systems along with a smaller, but important outpost in the Olmos System.

Dosians have some very feline like attributes, including slotted eyes for vision in the low light conditions. They also possess a prehensile tale. They are almost equally comfortable walking on all four as opposed to two limbs due to their flexibility. They are technologically advanced, particularly in the area of cybornetics. They are usually found using their hands for delicate work and standing on 2 feet while using their tales as a third hand.

Technologically the Dosians are equivalent to Humans and utilize a similar FTL system (TL 11^). In the area of Bio-Technology and Cybernetics the Dosians are the most advanced of the known species (TL 12).

Attributes: ST 10 [ 0 ], DX 12 [ 40 ], IQ 10 [ 0 ], HT 10 [ 0 ], HP 10 [ 0 ], WILL 10 [ 0 ], PER 10 [ 0 ], FP 10 [ 0 ]

Secondary Characteristics: Basic Lift 20, Damage 1d-2/1d, Basic Speed 5.5 [ 0 ], Basic Move 5 [ 0 ]

Advantages: Ambidexterity [ 5 ], Brachiator [ 5 ], Prehensile Tail (Extra Arm, Long (SM + 1), Flexible, 75% STR) [ 24 ], Night Vision (+1) [ 1 ]




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