In a distant galaxy human colonies are spreading among the stars, but they are not alone. Life in this galaxy is diverse, with strange new technologies and even stranger abilities. Some of their new neighbors are friendly, others dangerously hostile. Alliances have formed and wars have been fought as the colonists explore the galaxy.

The colonists fled their own galaxy for reasons that are shrouded in history and their new home has secrets of its own. Some want to leave those secrets hidden, but there will always be someone who wants to uncover the past…and secrets are never simple.

This is a large setting, full of planets and species, but is designed from an anthropocentric perspective. Human history in this galaxy spans nearly 3000 years, so there are plenty of directions for the story to go.

Species, Planets, Spaceships, and equipment are all designed using GURPS 4th Edition rules, but there is always room to make adjustments to fit the story. Psionics exist in this setting. Magic is only a legend, but you never know when a legend may walk among us.

The type of adventure players are interested in will determine the general point in the setting’s Chronology. Campaign options include piracy, trading, exploration, scientific research, military, political intrigue, secrecy in the underworld or any other idea players might have. This in turn dictates which Species are available to play, what Planets are colonized, etc.

This setting also includes the possibility for play on low technology worlds (non-human), or some human worlds where the overall technology is degraded (or lost).

Colony Prime